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PHOTOS: Runaway overheating of aluminum-wired receptacle and pigtail splice at less than rated current.

(From tests at Wright-Malta Corp. for Consumer Product Safety Comm.)

The Basic Problem: But for the persistent problem of abnormal overheating connections, aluminum wire would have worked out well. In the worst cases, failing aluminum wire connections have caused fires resulting in property loss, injuries and deaths. There are several hundred branch circuit wire connections in a typical home, and failure of only one of them may result in a serious fire.

FOR PROPERTY OWNERS AND POTENTIAL BUYERS: Read the report “REDUCING THE FIRE HAZARD IN ALUMINUM-WIRED HOMES” for detailed information about the aluminum wire connection problem, the scope and limitations of on-site inspections and the comparative merits of various options for reducing the hazard.

THE HISTORY OF THE ALUMINUM WIRE PROBLEM: The book “HOT CONNECTIONS - Aluminum Wire, Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire, and the Myth of Self-Regulating Industry” tells how aluminum wiring got into and stayed in the market in spite of its abnormal fire risk and pressure from the public, government, and from within the industry itself.

FOR FIRE PREVENTION AND INVESTIGATION PROFESSIONALS: The report “FIRE DUE TO OVERHEATING ALUMINUM WIRE CONNECTIONS” explains the ways fire ignition can occur from overheating wire and cable connections. It is based on research and testing performed for the Consumer Product Safety Commission and others since the late 1970’s. It  See the book “Hot Connections ...” (above) for description and discussion of several actual fires attributed to aluminum wiring.

FOR REPORTS, TECHNICAL PAPERS, AND MORE: THE LIBRARY HAS test results, data, and detailed discussions useful toward in-depth understanding and sound decision making on aluminum wiring questions. THE PHOTO GALLERY presents representative examples of field and test lab overheating failures. Follow the LINKS TO OTHER WEBSITES for even more info.

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